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Two Projects of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication has recognised as a Champions in UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2017

WSIS_ChampInternational Telecommunication Union(ITU) announced 90 Champions of the prestigious WSIS Prizes contest while the 18 Winners, out of these 90 Champions, will be recognized at a ceremony at Geneva International Conference Centre on 13 June, as part of the annual WSIS Forum 2017 (12 - 16 June).

Two Projects from BNNRC has recognised as a Champions of the prestigious WSIS Prizes contest; The projects are: ONLINE COMMUNITY BROADCASTING LIBRARY (OCBL) FOR ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE IN BANGLADESH. Project supported by Free Press Unlimited. &




WSIS Prizes honor outstanding projects that leverage the power of information and communication technology (ICT) to accelerate socio-economic development. Besides the highlighted relevance of the project to the respective WSIS Action Line as referenced in the Geneva Plan of Action, the selection process was based on the project's impact on the community and linkages with the Sustainable Development.

345 ICT success stories from around the world were nominated for the Online Voting Phase (30 March – 30 April) following a comprehensive review by the Expert Group of 467 submitted projects submitted by the WSIS Stakeholder community. Based on the results of the intensive Online Voting Phase, which saw over 1.1 million votes cast by WSIS stakeholders, a selection of winning projects was made by the Expert Group.

The eighteen winners will go on to win WSIS Prizes 2017 and will be presented with an award at the WSIS Prizes ceremony during the WSIS Forum 2017, 12-16 June 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. At the same occasion, 72 WSIS Prize 2017 Champions (first four runner-up projects in each category) will be recognized during the special ceremony dedicated to their success and will receive special certificates of achievement.

Out of 345 nominated projects, based on regional distribution, there are:

49 projects are from the Africa region
45 projects from the Americas region
78 projects are from the Arab region
88 projects from the Asia and Pacific region
41 projects from the CIS region
42 projects from the Europe region
5 nominated projects come from international organizations

Out of 345 nominated projects, based on entity distribution, there are:
145 from the government sector
78 from business sector
56 from civil society
22 from international organizations
47 from other entities


BNNRC Strives for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

BNNRC Strives for Achieving UN World Summit on The Information Society(UN WSIS) Action Plan

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