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Annual Review and Planning Meeting on Community Radio held at station level 2014

IMG_9472The Annual Review and Planning Meeting was held in 14 Community Radio stations from 2ndJune to 13 June 2014. 

Annual Review and...


World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS): C-9 Media. WSIS Action Lines Executive Summaries (Achievements, Challenges and Recommendations)

wsis10.hloutcomes_c1. Achievements 
UNESCO has played a leading part, within the international community, in promoting media freedom and freedom of...


Public Consultation on Amateur Radio Licensing Procedure and Usage in Bangladesh

AmateurBangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(BTRC) seek public opinion on "Instructions for Amateur Radio Licensing Procedure and usage of amateur radio in Bangladesh

Training Workshop on Skill Enhancement for Production and Editing in Program and news for Community Radio Stations

FPU1On 18th May, Training workshop has been started on skill enhancement for Production and editing in program and news for community radio station for 5 daylong at Teknaf, the boarder area of Cox's bazaar district, Bangladesh.


BNNRC Strives for Achieving UN World Summit on The Information Society(UN WSIS) Action Plan

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