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Training workshop on - Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Community Radios in Integrating Social Movements



Capacity Building on Long Acting Reversible  Contraceptive (LARC) Method



Khola Janala


Radio magazine programme for providing the grasroots level community the information related to legal assistance,legal rights,restorative justice through alternative resolution,reducing repeated crimes and referral system in case of drug addiction and thus contribute inreducing prison overcrowding and improving legal protection for poor and vulnerable prisoners


Girl Power Project (GPP)


Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has successfully implemented a five (05) year (from June 2011 to December 2015) “Girl Power Project”. The objective of this project was for reducing gender based violence of girls and young women in the country through media engagement.

More than 500 media practitioners including Community Radio Broadcasters have sensitized and mobilized to contribute in establishing various right based issues on gender, women and children in this project.


Project closing meeting on Pioneering, Connecting & Empowering Voices for Change: Strengthening Community Radio in Bangladesh to Fight Poverty and Promote Development


Training Workshop - Sustainablity Strategy for Community Radio


BNNRC Strives for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

BNNRC Strives for Achieving UN World Summit on The Information Society(UN WSIS) Action Plan

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